Chad Johnson, the troubled former NFL star who is looking for a second chance in the league, recently stumbled upon another man who was down on his luck.

The 35-year-old Johnson sent out a series of tweets Saturday suggesting that he was hanging out with a homeless man known as "Pork Chop." Johnson's adventure started with a tweet that read, "Homeless dude asked for a beer, I bought him a case of a 24 n a pack of Newports, we balling together f--- it... "

After buying Pork Chop the cigarettes and beer, Johnson tweeted that he gave the man a watch so he could tell what time it was.

After sitting down with Pork Chop for a drink, Johnson had an interesting idea:

It is questionable to make decisions based on the Kardashian family's reality show, but Johnson went for it. He appears to have taken Pork Chop to Urban Outfitters, where Johnson bought him some new clothes.

Johnson later tweeted that he and Pork Chop were going to a club and jokingly said they should go job hunting together.

On Sunday, Johnson and Pork Chop reunited for another day of fun.

Looking past how bizarre this seems, if this is all true, Johnson deserves a tip of the cap. It hasn't been the easiest year for the former Pro Bowler, but it's gestures like this that suggest he is moving on from his troubled past.

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