You're 11 years old, you're playing in the Little League World Series and your team is down 20-0 ... in the top of the fourth inning.

What do you do?

This is the situation Team Aruba found itself in Saturday against Asia-Pacific. The kids from Chinese Taipei (a.k.a. Taiwan) scored four runs in the first inning, five in the second and seven in the third to take a 16-0 lead. As they walked into the dugout in the middle of the third inning, many of the Aruban players were crying.

They'd already lost once. Another defeat -- by then a sure thing -- meant elimination for the kids from this tiny island nation (population 103,000) located 17 miles off the coast of Venezuela.

One of those in tears was 11-year-old Vaughn Bergen, who was due up to the plate that inning. As tears poured down his face, Vaughn's father approached. Luigi Bergen, a coach on the Aruban team, told his son, "You're coming up [to bat] here. Do you want to do it crying or do you want to do it happily?"

Vaughn chose to do it happily. He stepped to the plate and grounded out to third.

Then, in the top of the fourth inning, as Asia-Pacific padded its lead with four more runs, ESPN's cameras panned to left field and caught Vaughn Bergen doing ... this:

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Vaughn calls his spin move -- the one where he puts his right leg behind his left knee, dips to the ground and twirls -- "The SpongeBob."

"[My teammates] told me I was crazy," Vaughn told on Monday. "I was dancing in the dugout, too."

As he did, his team scored three runs in the bottom of the fourth inning to make the final score a more respectable 20-3.

"The dancing thing got everyone smiling, and they started hitting the ball in that last inning," Luigi Bergen said.

And they kept hitting. In Monday's consolation game, Aruba beat South Dakota, 5-0. Vaughn knocked in the first run in that one.

"I was mad because we were not going to make it to the final," Vaughn said when asked why he started dancing in the middle of Saturday's game.

"My dad told me to enjoy myself, and I did."