"Don't forget to scan Arian Foster's hair before halftime."

That phrase was probably not uttered in any Houston-area homes when the star running back unveiled the Texans logo designed into his head during the AFC playoffs. But just wait.

The Bromley soccer team of the English Southern Conference recently partnered with Betfair -- the world's largest Internet betting exchange -- to shave Quick Response codes (a.k.a. "QR Cuts") into the back of every team member's noggin (see below left). When scanned with a smartphone, the QR barcode sent spectators directly to Betfair's web site, giving them a chance to put some money on the game.

The players revealed their new 'dos ahead of their first-round clash with Leyton Orient late last year. Each intricate style took more than an hour to create.

For the fans watching the game on TV, the whole thing was pretty simple: All they needed to do was aim their smartphone directly at their screen and scan the back of a player's head. The QR code automatically directed them to Betfair's website to start gambling.

As with any stunt like this, it left many wondering if it was done purely for PR purposes. Whatever the reason, it worked for both sides: Bromley is a fairly obscure English football team, and Betfair clearly benefited from the campaign’s hype.

So does this mean we are going to start seeing stunts like this more often? Well, don't expect the NFL to partner anytime soon with an online sports book. And current tech doesn't allow scanning of logos the way you can lock in on QR codes. But if teams are already replacing jersey names with Twitter accounts, these codes could certainly appear on team apparel (if not on domes) and offer promotions for fans.

After all, there's already one on ThePostGame.com's banner. Take a look -- or a scan.

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