(** Update, 9/9/2011: Nike put 1,500 pairs of the Mags up for bid on eBay. **)

Is Nike bringing the-coolest-kicks-to-ever-appear-in-a-movie back from the future? That's the word on the street (well, the virtual street). Last year, the company patented the technology to make the Nike Air Mag sneakers Marty McFly wore in "Back to the Future II a reality." But now it looks like the shoes are ready for market. Score!

And did I mention these futuristic shoes boast power-laces? They even include a charging station. Brilliant. So much for that cheap, old-fashioned shoelace technology known as Velcro.

Rumors have been circulating in social media circles that Nike plans to unveil the self-tying shoe at an event in Los Angeles on Thursday night.

For those who need a refresher ....

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(Note the Back to the Future theme music playing in the background, making Huey Lewis and the News very happy, I'm sure.)

This isn't the first time Nike has been inspired by BTTF. Anyone remember the 2010 DeLorean Dunk sneaks? Didn't think so.

But thankfully, of all the 2015 predictions in the movie, there were only two really worth holding onto: the self-lacing sneakers (check!) and the hover board.

Still waiting for the hover board, Nike.