Stadiums are going camo. While most American sports venues stick out like skyscrapers, international meccas are trying to disappear amid the foliage.

The Vallehermoso Sports Center -- to be located in the center of Madrid once construction begins in 2012 -- will not only be built in a space once held by an outdated 1950s stadium, but it will also be partially submerged underground, reports

In fact, this stadium is so stealth, it barely sticks out over the trees that encase the entire façade of the building. To take this one step further, the outside of the building will be painted green to emulate the surrounding landscape. The goal is for residents to notice the park-like scenery more than the actual stadium itself. According to developers, when this part of the building is illuminated at night, it will "mimic moonlight filtering through trees, creating a visual treat for passersby resembling a floating light." (Too bad that loveliness could be punctured by the smell of beer.)

By being submerged, the stadium's interior will stay naturally cool, and sunlight will be absorbed by the green turf that will encase the building. The new complex will contain basketball courts, a soccer field, a fitness center, a fencing area, indoor and outdoor pools, a cafeteria, a spa, a physical therapy area, and space for fitness classes.

But Madrid isn't the only city creating camouflage stadiums. Take a look at the stadium in Guadalajara, Mexico, which looks like a futuristic volcano. The city recently unveiled a soccer stadium that collects rainwater, features energy-efficient lighting, and even has a naturally ventilated 8,500-space parking garage -– all encased by a white exterior which is intended to look like a "cloud hovering atop the volcano." (Too bad that loveliness could be punctured by the sound of vuvuzelas.)

The stadium seats 45,000 and it hosted its first match last year. No doubt Dallas Cowboys owner Jerry Jones wishes he thought of this first.

OK maybe not.

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