The Manning Brothers hip-hop duo is back. As they did a year ago, Peyton and Eli Manning take the big YouTube stage with a DirecTV promo video. This year, the single is "Fantasy Football Fantasy."

This year's ad promotes DirecTV's new Fantasy Zone Channel, a channel devoted to fantasy football. While the Mannings donned wigs on Bourbon Street in 2013, this year's video features more of a gangster rap-style in front of an expensive house. Jets running back Chris Johnson, Hall of Fame quarterback Joe Namath and Giants offensive linemen Justin Pugh, William Beatty and Chris Snee (who has since retired) make cameos. Spoiler alert: So does Archie Manning.

Again, the world gets to experience another side of Peyton and Eli Manning. Aside from their on-field accolades–the duo has combined for five Super Bowl appearances and three titles–the quarterback brothers can have fun on screen. If this is an annual thing, no one will complain.

For reference, here is last year's "Football on your Phone."

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