Gilbert Arenas may be gone from the NBA, but he refuses to be forgotten. At the Orange County Fair in California, Arenas stepped up to the bent rims of a basketball-shooting game, took aim, and fired.

And he scored. And then he scored many more times.

In fact, if you Agent Zero's word for it, he won so many prizes at the carnival game that he was banned from the Orange County Fair.

That's a whole lot of stuffed animal.

Easily the most exciting part of Arenas' Instagram post is this small throwaway line -- "I screamed #hibachi" -- which was a throwback for anyone who enjoyed the wild, sometimes crazy antics Arenas was known for when he ranked among the NBA's best scorers.

Orange County Fair hasn't said whether Arenas was actually banned, or if he's exaggerating. More likely is that he was welcome to stay at the fair but was banned from playing the basketball carnival game any further.

A business has to make money, after all. Gilbert Arenas wasn't letting that happen.

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