The world is a really different place when viewed from Nick Young's perspective. For example, you might be tempted to assume that the Los Angeles Lakers shooting guard's poor shooting season -- he's averaging just 13.4 points and shooting a career-low 36 percent from the field -- could be the product of playing on a bad team, drawing tougher matchups, and struggling without the help of good teammates.

A tempting theory, yes. But dead wrong. Nick Young knows what's up.

Young's season was cut short earlier this spring when a small fracture was discovered in his left knee. The injury was slow to heal, and two weeks ago the organization decided to shut him down for the year and give him time to recuperate. The Lakers' record is currently in the bottom five of the league, and winning games at this point only jeopardizes their shot at a better draft pick.

Take it from the man who nicknamed himself Swaggy P. The man who, according to his own eyewitness account, was nearly killed by a murderous dolphin while on vacation with girlfriend Iggy Azalea. The man who, just four months ago, predicted that he would score 46,000 career points, obliterating the current career NBA scoring record by almost 8,000.

It's definitely the rim's fault.

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