By James Lumalu

Sorry, Patriots fans, but it looks like Vince Wilfork has officially moved on from life in Boston. You just knew that when he signed with the Texans it would only be a matter of time before he became enthralled in barbecue culture. As you can see below, that time has come with the purchase of a Texans-inspired barbecue trailer from Pitmaker:

Omg we are in trouble now ... Houston we have a problem ... A good one @pitmaker_bbq_pits @pitmaker1

A photo posted by Bianca Wilfork (@mrs75) on

Total investment in fine meats by the Wilforks here. According to Pitmaker's site, barbecue trailers start at $6,495, and we know that Vince’s custom piece definitely skyrocketed past that.

Bianca captioned on Instagram:

I, for one, can't wait to see Vince put that thing to use. I’m sure we all remember how awesome it is once Vince gets the grill working:

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