The world seems to be Aaron Rodgers' oyster right now, and he's eager to do all the shucking he can.

Sure, he missed out on the Super Bowl this year. But the Packers quarterback is now dating actress Olivia Munn, and he just surged to a stunning Celebrity Jeopardy! win against an astronaut and a Shark Tank star.

So it seems reasonable that Rodgers is setting his sights on what other thrilling notches he can carve into his belt.

At the top of that list: Hosting Saturday Night Live. Rodgers has already made appearances in State Farm commercials with two memorable SNL acts, including the bodybuilding duo Hans and Franz, and he'd like to take center stage on the show as its host one week.

Another surprising bucket list item: Rodgers wants to play an NFL game in London. It's a surprising preference since many players have complained over the time zone change and, in some cases, having to give up a real home game to play at "home" in England, but Rodgers hopes the Packers get the chance:

"I would love to play in Wembley [Stadium],” Rodgers tells CBS Sports.

Rodgers also wants to play golf at the courses in Scotland and Ireland, and he hopes he gets the chance soon. He's had a little luck getting what he wants recently, considering he wasn't even on Jeopardy!'s radar when they started seeking out celebrity participants. They actually called his girlfriend, Munn, first.

"She was like, 'I don't really want to do this,'" Rodgers tells ESPN Wisconsin. “I was like, 'I will do that! Tell your people I will do it!'"

Not only did he participate -- he won in stunning fashion. Now he's on to chasing other dreams.

For what it's worth, Rodgers would probably make a great SNL host. Here's one of his commercials appearing alongside SNL characters:

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