Rob Gronkowski and his New England Patriots teammates were practically unstoppable in their 45-7 beatdown of the Indianapolis Colts in Sunday's AFC Championship game, but the same cannot be said of the affable tight end's now-legendary party bus.

You may have heard that Gronkowski purchased a church bus and converted it into an eight-person party vehicle called the "Sinners Bus." The "Sinners Bus" is actually quite practical because it allows Gronkowski's father and his four brothers to attend Patriots games together.

Here's some footage of the Gronks and their bus at recent tailgate:

Before New England's matchup with Indianapolis the bus got a makeover thanks to one of Gronkowski's sponsors, the sports drink Body Armor.

But things did not go as planned for the Gronkowskis. The bus was stopped at the entrance to Gillette Stadium because the NFL has an exclusive deal with Pepsi (which owns Gatorade), and security did not want the vehicle and its numerous Body Armor logos in the parking lot.'s Steve Silva reported that Gronkowski's father, Gordy Sr., as well Rob's four brothers, Gordie Jr., Chris, Glenn, and Dan, walked to their tailgate after their bus was held back.

NBC 7's Dan Hausle happened to be doing a story about the party bus, and his cameras caught the Gronkowskis unloading outside the stadium:

7News Boston WHDH-TV

Alas, it will take more than a sponsor snafu to stop the Gronkowskis, and the family appears to have had a good time without the bus.

As for Rob, he didn't have a terrible day either. Despite finding himself double covered for most of the night, Gronkowski caught three passes for 28 yards and one touchdown. He and the Patriots will take on the Seattle Seahawks in the Super Bowl on Feb. 1.

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