With time ticking down until his big fight against Marcos Maidana, Floyd Mayweather is hanging out with ... Justin Bieber.

Who did you expect?

The pop star posted a video to Instagram of him and Mayweather, presumably in Las Vegas, getting massages and pedicures. Bieber, an avowed Mayweather supporter, captioned the video "#moneyteam spa . Gettin ready for the fight."

While fans might worry that Mayweather isn't focused ahead of his bout with Maidana, for which he'll earn at least $32 million, the early predictions are that Mayweather will easily dispatch Maidana.

So, as opposed to the champ's last fight, the September mega-bout with Canelo Álvarez, Mayweather shouldn't have to worry about a stiff challenge from Maidana. Perhaps with that in mind, the undefeated 37-year-old is able to relax a little bit ahead of the fight.

It's hard not to wonder what these two are talking about. Perhaps Mayweather is dispatching some advice to the troubled 20-year-old about handling an enormous fortune? Or maybe he chided Bieber for taking a picture with his rival, Manny Pacquiao, at a mall in Los Angeles after Pacquiao's recent victory over Tim Bradley.

Mayweather had Bieber and Lil' Wayne escort him to the ring for his fight against Alvarez, so one can only imagine what theatrics he's got in store for this weekend's bout.

(H/T to Fox Sports)