Nick Young knows a thing or two about flair. His nickname, after all, is "Swaggy P."

With that in mind, one would have to imagine that he's got some pretty creative first date ideas. So where did the Lakers forward take rapper Iggy Azalea on their first date?


Now, before you change your opinion on Young, be advised that it wasn't his idea. Azalea admitted during a radio appearance that she loves Target, and she made Young take her there. Afterwards, the pair had dinner at a nice restaurant.

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Iggy's got a point. Sure, Target isn't the fanciest place out there, but you can really get to know someone by taking them somewhere where they sell everything from apples to TVs to tables. And Young did have a nice meal planned for afterwards, so it's not like he cut corners on that part of the night.

Iggy and Swaggy began their relationship with a Twitter post, so it's fair to say they won't be following all the conventional dating rules.