Of all the sports for Australian actress Margot Robbie to take an interest in, ice hockey seems one of the least likely.

After all, hockey isn't exactly booming Down Under. Yet the 23-year-old star of Wolf of Wall Street says she always dreamed of playing hockey, and even she's admits she doesn't know how she developed her fascination with the sport.

"I always wanted to play ice hockey back in Australia, I’m not sure why, but we didn’t have any ice where I lived," Robbie said in a recent Film.com interview. "It was very hot, a coastal town. So I played field hockey, but then when I moved to America I was finally able to join a team once I wasn’t contracted to a show, but when I was contracted to a show I wasn’t able to play. But I was living in New York, so I was able to watch, and the Rangers were my default team."

Not only has Robbie become a huge Rangers fan while living in New York, she's taken her interest to the next level and actually plays on an amateur team. Robbie is a right wing on her amateur team, and while her field hockey skills help her with some aspects of the sport, she's still struggling with a key skill.

"I play on a team but I’m definitely the worst on the team," she said. "I’m not so good at the ice skating part. The hockey is good, but the ice skating I need to work on."

Robbie says her favorite Rangers are Henrik Lundqvist, Ryan Callahan and Brian Boyle. When asked if New York, which is currently third in the Metropolitan Division with 51 points, has a shot to make the playoffs this year, Robbie gave a smart and politically correct answer.

"I always have faith that we’re going to make the playoffs," she said. "It’s been a really tough year for us, and I think that we’ve needed that extra pressure. I think that it’s going to motivate us to do better, I think that we perform well under pressure."