Thanks to some great investigate work by Kent Babb of the Washington Post, we now know where each of the 78 Heisman trophies rests.

The majority are at either a player's home or that of one of his relatives, but some of the awards have found pretty interesting resting spots. Ron Dayne's trophy from 1999, for instance, is in a display case at a Buffalo Wild Wings in Madison, Wis. Charlie Ward's Heisman is on display at the public library in Thomasville, Ga.

The trophy has been used as a hat rack (by the brother of 1958 winner Pete Dawkins) and as a doorstop (by 1935 winner Jay Berwanger, the award's first recipient).

Perhaps the most adorable story comes from 2003 winner Jason White:

"Years after his trophy was buried under clothes in a closet during his last year at Oklahoma, White's Heisman now has renewed meaning. Not only does he display the trophy that made him a Sooners legend, White's Heisman also has a different kind of sentimental value. He said his daughter, Tinley, once steadied herself on the large trophy, standing on her own for the first time."

Reggie Bush's Heisman, which he forfeited after details emerged about improper benefits he received at USC, is in a storage unit in New York City.

For more information about each of the trophies, check out Babb's story as well as this excellent interactive timeline.

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