A middle school football coach in Oregon was fired this week after refusing to move his team's year-end football party from Hooters to another venue.

Randy Burbach, who coached seventh and eighth grade football at Corbett Middle School, insisted on having his team's gathering at the risque restaurant. J.P. Soulagnet, athletic director for the Corbett School District, said he spoke with Burbach and tried to convince him to hold the party elsewhere. Burbach refused.

“I believe this is a fine venue,” Burbach, 55, said. “It’s not a strip club. If you have a dirty mind, you'll find dirt.”

Burbach told the Oregonian that he took his wife to a local Hooters to evaluate the restaurant, and both found it suitable for kids. He said the big screen televisions would allow him to show families a highlight video of the season. He said he refused to back out of the plans on principle, not because he had already spent $1,000 on the party.

Soulagnet fired Burbach after it was clear that he had no intentions of changing the location.

“I spoke to many people over the weekend regarding the location of the event and time after time they looked at me in disbelief," Soulagnet wrote in a letter to family members of the football players. "I started the conversation off with posing a question. Outside of a bar, tavern, or strip club where would be the next worse place in the lines of restaurants to take a middle school football team to? Time after time the reply was Hooters.”