A lawyer for Scottie Pippen slammed Camran Shafighi, the 49-year-old who filed a lawsuit against the former Bulls star, calling the luxury car salesman a "fraud."

"This man yelled profanities, spit on Mr Pippen, used racial epithets and attacked his family," Mark Geragos wrote in an emailed statement to ThePostGame. "He should be ashamed of himself and we will expose him for the fraud that he is."

Shafighi is suing Pippen for $4 million over injuries he claimed he sustained when Pippen alleged assaulted him at an upscale California restaurant last month. Sources previously told TMZ.com that Shafighi was intoxicated and had spat upon Pippen and his daughter after he refused to sign an autograph.

Shafighi's lawyers denied he acted inappropriately, calling the reports an attempt by people working for Pippen to sway public opinion.

No charges have been filed in the altercation, though authorities recently told the Los Angeles Times that the investigation is still ongoing. Pippen, according to reports, has been cooperating with police.