Are you one running back away from a championship in your flag football league? Or are you one point guard short in your rec basketball league?

Tiki Barber is here to help.

The former New York Giants running back and three-time Pro Bowler is offering his athletic services.

In coordination with the website, Barber has put a price on his participation. For $1,950, he will play a sport, do an activity, or help out in any way he can. If you've always wanted to play Gin Rummy with Barber, now is your chance.

Per the web page, here are the only requirements:

--The venue must be no farther than 25 miles outside New York City.
--It’s BYO equipment.
--Any trash-talking done to Mr. Barber must be done with full and willing consent to receive a thorough verbal thrashing from Mr. Barber himself.

Barber, who has fallen onto hard times financially since retiring in 2006, is available for more than flag football or basketball.

Want to have a meal with Barber? That'll be $500. And for a round of golf, that price doubles.

Better yet, if you've got an idea for an activity with Tiki, you can submit that as well. The possibilities are endless.

(H/T to Big Lead Sports)

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