Eric Berry may be a fearless tackler who spends his Sundays slamming running backs and wide receivers into the ground, but that doesn't mean he can't be intimidated.

Just ask the Kansas City Chiefs' horse, Warpaint.

Berry suffers from a condition called equinophobia, or a crippling fear of horses. He was mic'd up for a recent episode of Inside the NFL, and it's safe to say he wasn't too happy to see Warpaint trotting onto the field.

"Hold up, coach. That horse out there," Berry says during a huddle. "She need to go on ahead with that horse. I don't fool with no horses, boy. Hell nah.”

Berry, it turns out, is more than meets the eye. In addition to suffering from equinophobia, he is also a prolific writer. When he was benched last year with a torn ACL, he wrote more than 100 poems and three screenplays.

"War Horse 2" was probably not one of them.

(H/T to Kissing Suzy Kolber)

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