Chad Johnson's tumultuous offseason has taken another unfortunate and bizarre turn.

The receiver, who was cut from the Miami Dolphins amid charges of domestic assault last month, debuted a new tattoo Tuesday of his ex-wife, Evelyn Losada. Johnson made the body art public by revealing it as his Twitter avatar. The tattoo, displayed on Johnson's right leg, features Losada's face with the word "Eve" written below.

Despite the couple's divorce, Johnson has made it public that he still has feelings for Losada. He has said he still loves Losada, and a new line in his Twiter bio is presumably directed at her: "i love all of that from the E to the N."

One would have good reason to doubt the authenticity of the tattoo. After all, Johnson has gotten fake tattoos before.

The troubled wide receiver, along with his new tattoo, played a prominent role in the series finale of HBO's Hard Knocks.

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