It turns out that Clay Matthews, he of perhaps the most recognizable mane in the NFL, has been sporting the mighty mullet for quite some time.

This weekend Matthews, who has an endorsement deal with Suave, tweeted a photo of himself in kindergarten with what is undeniably an A+ mullet. No word yet on which parent's idea this originally was, but we support the decision entirely now that we have the photo evidence.

Here's one of the Twitter links.

Matthews is part of one of the most accomplished NFL families of all time. His dad and grandfather (both Clays, as well) both played pro football, and his uncle Bruce will do down as one of the greatest offensive linemen of all time.

And for those who didn't know, apparently mullets run in the family. Or at least, the long locks are common in this generation. Clay's brother, Casey, has some impressive locks of his own, just like his brother. Whose are better? Decide for yourself.

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