Chad Johnson -- yes, that is his new (old) last name -- once referred to the atmosphere surrounding the New England Patriots as "Heaven." But the way he described it to The Miami Herald this week, it sounds more like hell.

Johnson said he was restrained last year, and that affected his performance. Now, in Miami, the wide receiver looks forward to being himself.

"I’m going back to my normal ways,” Johnson said. “My normal ways, when I was at my best, when I got fined, look at the production those years. Usually things don’t go right when you try to change the way you do things. I’m back to normal. My personality was controlled last year. You didn’t hear me at all last year. Zero. Zilch. When my mouth is running, it forces me to perform."

And it would be hard for Johnson to have a worse season this year. Statistically speaking, Johnson had the worst year of his career in 2011, as he caught just 15 passes for just 276 yards.

Johnson also dropped a few other gems in the interview. In light of all the arrests around the NFL, he noted that the only time he had broken the law was when he stole a King-size Snickers bar when he was eight. He also said he has planned choreographed touchdown celebrations which he hopes fans in the stands can join in on.

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