Jerry Sandusky, the former Penn State assistant coach who was convicted of 45 charges of child sex abuse last week, will continue to receive nearly $5,000 in monthly pension during his time in jail.

ABC 27 reported on Wednesday that Sandusky or his wife, Dottie, will receive $58,898 a year in state pension for the rest of their lives. Some of that money will come from taxpayers.

Under Pennsylvania state law, a person's pension can only be forfeited after they are sentenced and if they have been convicted of an Act 140 crime. Rape is not included in that statute.

There is, however, a bill making its way through the state's finance committee that would prevent people convicted of sexual offenses from receiving state pensions. According to ABC News, that bill was introduced before the Sandusky scandal came to light. Due to time constraints, passage of the bill seems unlikely.

Sandusky, who faces a maximum sentence of 442 years in prison, is expected to be sentenced in roughly 90 days.

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