The Baylor Bears have blinded viewers with their neon yellow uniforms en route to a Sweet Sixteen appearance, but according to the Wall Street Journal, it's not the hottest fashion statement of the NCAA tournament.

The look that's catching on with most teams? Flashy socks. "The final frontier of basketball fashion, the style in socks now is the brighter, the better," the Journal reported.

Baylor, of course, has included socks as part of its full-blown neon look.

But thanks to various apparel companies trying up the ante on each other, there has been a surge in the creative design of basketball socks.

Louisville (black) and New Mexico (red) went leg to leg in the tournament.

Syracuse takes it a step further by including the school's monogram:

Last year during the tournament, Matt Howard of Butler was questioned about his socks, which were white, saggy and just plain worn out.

"I wash them, but they're old and they're not tight to my leg," Howard told WISH TV of Indianapolis. "Apparently that's critical in this day and age -- that your socks fit very tightly to your leg."

Looks count, but they aren't everything. Butler made it to the title game for the second consecutive season, despite Howard's ratty socks.

How soon before low-cut all-black socks, considered cutting edge when Michigan's Fab Five trotted them out, become retro-chic?

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