Nobody denies a "game face" is part of sports, but does your wife have to have one?

Elin Nordegren wasn't allowed to flash her million dollar smile. Tiger Woods forbid his ex-wife's happy expressions on the golf course after victories, feeling he was "supposed to win," according to transcripts of Hank Haney's new tell-all book.

Like a leaky faucet, little drips of Haney's book "The Big Miss" on his years coaching Woods have been leaked in recent weeks. The latest information comes from a report in the Daily Mail.

Haney describes Elin's smile as getting smaller as their marriage went on. "In the future Elin would keep her emotions under wraps whenever Tiger won," he wrote.

Tiger stopped Elin from planning a party to celebrate his win at Torrey Pines shortly after the couple tied the knot. He told her "that's not what we do…We're supposed to win."

Haney observed that over their relationship, Nordegren and Woods "developed a calm, almost cool relationship in front of other people, and conversations with them tended to be awkward and strained."

Furthermore, Woods was bashed in the book for, among other things, his socially unpleasant attitude with people.

Despite being the richest athlete in the world for much of his career, Tiger would make people around him ante up for takeout food. He also was lacking proper social skills. Haney mentions when dining out with friends, Woods would get up and leave when he finished his meal. He didn't wait around for members of his party to finish, when Tiger was done, he simply left.

In other words the book comes down hard on Woods for having bad-manners, being cheap, loving porn and dirty jokes. That certainly won't help his already damaged image.

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