The mother of a Denver Broncos standout is having second thoughts about her son's fame and fortune.

Colorado police are investigating a burglary at the home of Broncos linebacker D.J. Williams that apparently took place around the time he was playing in a recent road game.

CBS 4 Denver reports police believe Williams was being robbed while he was making the key play in the Broncos comeback win against the Miami Dolphins October 23rd in Tim Tebow's first start of the season.

Sheri Gonzales, Williams' mother, says her son returned home from the South Florida road trip to discover his house had been burglarized. She says another break-in took place while her son was sleeping in the house.

Williams, an eight-year veteran, has 56 tackles this season and two forced fumbles for a Broncos defense ranked 23rd in the NFL. That Denver defense has allowed just 12 points per game over its last three.

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Over $50,000 worth of property has been stolen from Williams. Gonzalez is very concerned about her son's safety, and wonders if the NFL is worth all the fear that comes with it.

"It just makes me scared," she told CBS 4 Denver. "Sometimes I wish he wasn’t in the NFL because of that. It just doesn’t feel safe anymore."

Williams has another reason for concern: Sean Taylor, his college teammate at the University of Miami, was killed almost four years ago exactly, by a burglar in his South Florida residence.

Police have a suspect and are working on an arrest warrant. The Williams family tells the Denver TV station they believe the lawbreaker is someone who used to be close to Williams and has a long criminal record.

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