Carmelo Anthony is living the dream of wearing a Knicks uniform, but he's gone through a nightmare this offseason.

Melo's two cellphones were stolen while he participated in a charity all-star game in Baltimore last week, reports the New York Post.

Anthony's "Melo League" was victorious against the Goodman League of D.C. in a charity game at Baltimore that featured Carmelo and LeBron James playing alongside each other.

Following the game, fans stormed the court to get close to the locked out NBA stars. Carmelo's phones were stolen during the utter confusion as fans ran wild on the court.

Anthony averaged 26.3 ppg in 27 contests with New York following a midseason trade from the Denver Nuggets.

Melo supporters heard about the rip-off and and attempted to help Anthony get his phones back on Twitter, but that didn't work.

No idea why the happily married basketball star needs two cellphones, but with a net worth of $40 million he'll be able to replace them.

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