Andy Roddick has apparently created an off-the-court brouhaha at the US Open. The tennis star's dislike of broadcaster John McEnroe is so deep, reports the New York Post, Roddick had McEnroe kicked out of the ESPN suite at Flushing Meadows.

The Post's story says Roddick wouldn't take part in a sit-down interview with Chris Fowler following his first-round win last week unless McEnroe was given the boot from the Arthur Ashe Stadium suite. The former world's No. 1 player is reportedly furious at negative commentary from McEnroe, who broadcasts tennis for ESPN and CBS.

Roddick doesn't think much of tennis broadcasters, he told the Post. Being a tennis analyst is "the easiest job in the world," Roddick said. "Everyone is an expert, but I am better than most of them have been."

The issue blew up in June following McEnroe's analysis that tennis players should begin their matches without warming up. Roddick, 29, felt that was "irresponsible."

Roddick's spokesman wouldn't comment on whether he demanded McEnore to leave the booth. McEnroe, 52, said the Post's account wasn't true and he left on his own because he was "finished."

McEnroe would most likely win a war of words against Roddick. Witness:

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