Car thieves don't normally target hybrid automobiles, but then again most criminals aren't "green" enough to live in the forest and hibernate 3-to-5 months a year.

One of the strangest real-life crime stories of all time took place over Labor Day weekend when a black bear broke into a Toyota Prius and went cruising.

CBS Los Angeles reports the bear theft auto took place in Lake Tahoe, where the car's owner and her son witnessed the wacky animal hijinks.

According to Prius owner CeCe McCarthy's eyewitness account, the animal attempted to escape the vehicle and ended up destroying the interior with its large paws. Amazingly, the bear managed to engage the gear shift in the process. The hybrid started moving in reverse down a driveway, running over several boulders.

The automobile stopped only after ramming into a neighbor's front porch. After about 30 minutes, the bear was able to free himself inside the car. Police were called, but the four-legged criminal escaped before law enforcement could descend on the Grizzly crime scene.

The black bear ended up totaling the car. "It’s just wreckage," said the owner's son, Dylan. "It’s the metal shell of what was once our car"

If the Chicago version of the Bears play with this kind of craftiness, the Windy City will be celebrating its first Super Bowl title since Walter Payton, Mike Ditka and Refrigerator Perry.

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