It's been a wild ride over the past 440 days. While hosting my show on Fox Sports Radio and blogging the midnight oil, I found time to sweat away 200 pounds of fat.

Receiver Jerry Rice won three Super Bowl rings with the 49ers weighing 200 pounds. That's what I had on my back all these years.

After a few photos popped up on social media sites, people have reached out to me about of my weight-reduction. 

I haven't updated my photos on Twitter and Facebook since this battle of the pounds got underway. Now that "I've taken my talents," as LeBron would say, to, it's finally time to share my story. 

The three questions I get asked most often.

1) Are you sick?
2) Did have lap-band Surgery?
3) What was your weight loss secret?

Happy to report my health has improved greatly since I was putting on a XXXXXXL pants every day. I'm now able to shop at regular stores, wearing a size XL.

It doesn't look right when a fat person drops a lot of weight. Celebrities such as Drew Carey and Al Roker appeared so different people assume something must be wrong. I'm happy to say in my case, illness played no roll in my weight loss.

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Despite driving the freeways of Los Angeles and being overwhelmed with billboards for quick-fix weight loss surgeries, I never considered calling them. I know several people who have had lap-band and it's worked well for them, but I've always hated the idea of unnecessary surgery.

So how did it happen?

On Thursday April 22, 2010, I visited a place I hated and hadn't spent much time, the gym.

Originally the plan was to work out for half an hour a day, for one year, to see how much weight could be lost. That slowly turned into a lifestyle change that now has me at the gym for over an hour most days.

Without giving all my secrets away, I've worked out 99.5 percent of the time (438-of-440 possible days), managing to lose an average of 3.2 pounds over the 62 weeks.

Much of the weight loss has been even more dramatic than that, coming over the past six months.

Normally you'll find me at the gym late at night, when the pretty people are sleeping. After getting off the radio at 3 a.m. in Los Angeles, I'm in the gym by 3:30 a.m.

In addition to loads of exercise, I also made some critical diet changes. Stopped drinking soda, cut back on my junk food, added fruit to my diet. Better food choices have helped pay off.

The scale has never been a friend. I didn't weigh myself for the first 12 months of my weight loss, not wanting to deal with the roller coaster ride of emotion that a new life regimen provides.

Support from family and friends, encouraging me to continue the good fight against the bulge, has been key. Everyone around me has been very positive and it's really been rewarding.

The real hard part is still to come: Keeping the fat away!