Alonzo Mourning is dealing with some nasty accusations following a post-party car accident. The Miami Heat legend is accused of a hit-and-run while driving his Porsche.

A Miami art school student is hoping to cash in on the situation, with plans to file a lawsuit against Mourning.

The suit claims Mourning, driving home at 3 a.m. from Chris Bosh's wedding party at the Fountainebleau Hotel, crossed over the Causeway and slid into one of two crashed cars in the middle of the road. Alonzo left the scene, according to the suit, but returned less than hour later in his wife's car.

Asked if he had been drinking, Mourning told the Miami Herald that, as a kidney transplant patient, he does not drink or smoke. "I've been completely cooperative and met with the police," Mourning said. "And now that the facts are straightened out, I think everyone will see that I didn't cause the accident and didn’t cause any injuries."

William J. Candelario, 21, is filing the suit. His lawyer told the Herald that Mourning is being sued not because of his $90 million net worth, but because he took off after the accident despite causing additional damage to Candelario's car.

Mourning, an executive with the Heat, was not charged by police with leaving the scene, nor was he ticketed for slamming into the art student's car. He made more headlines on Friday, canceling the beloved Zo's Summer Groove charity basketball game because of the lockout.

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