Most Hollywood stars don't keep up with their favorite teams all that well. Maybe they'll catch a few games per year or get the latest scores on their PDA. Jay Baruchel is not like most Hollywood stars. The actor from "Million Dollar Baby," "Knocked Up" and "Tropic Thunder" is not afraid to boast about his love of the Montreal Canadiens, even if it means making bold proclamations (see below) and hitting the fan boards to do so. TPG caught up with the Habs honk in New York City to talk pucks, boxers, and his preference of silver over gold.

TPG: Give us five reasons you love the Canadiens.

Baruchel: 1. Family -- I come from a big hockey family; 2. History -- it's the greatest, most winningest team ever; 3. Montreal is the best city ever, and the birthplace of hockey; 4. The Habs have won 24 Stanley Cups; and 5. They have the best jerseys -- bleu, blanc and rouge!

TPG: Got a favorite all-time Habs team or player?

Baruchel: Patrick Roy, the greatest goalie ever. And I like the current Canadiens team, actually. This one is my favorite.

TPG: Wait a minute. You're from Ottawa. No love for the Sens?

Baruchel: I was born in Ottawa, but I grew up in Montreal, which is why my allegiance is with the Canadiens.

TPG: How often do you get to see the team in person? How do you keep up on the road?

Baruchel: I used to be a season-ticket holder, but I actually prefer to watch the game at home so I can DVR it, pause it, rewind, etc. I like to sit around in my boxers and really watch. On the road, I don't miss anything. I'm religious. I'd say I watch 76 games out of 82. I'll even go on the message boards if I have to do some defending of the team.

TPG: Do you have a favorite place in Montreal for your pre-game meals?

Baruchel: An Italian place in the neighborhood where I grew up called Pasta Casa Reccia, and a sausage place called Ye Old Orchard Pub.

TPG: What do you want more? An Oscar or a Stanley Cup?

Baruchel: Stanley Cup, hands down. Without a doubt. The Oscars give away awards like it's nothing, with 10 films nominated for best picture each year. There's only one Stanley Cup.