The Tuesday Lineup simultaneously distracts you from Linsanity while diving further into it. Don't ask how, just nod and move on. Also, Martell Webster had an immensely unintentionally hilarious moment.

Must Reads Of The Day
In front of a packed house that included Kate Upton, Jay-Z and Beyonce, Deron Williams reminded everyone that he's the best point guard around New York City. No word on whether Linsanity now has Deronophobia. Yahoo! Sports >>

Whether you agree with it or not, seriously tremendous take by Ty Duffy on why ESPN's suspension of Max Bretos was harsh. The Big Lead >>

The Forde Minutes are here, and they're led by Jack Blankenship's disturbing facial expression and a Kentucky team that is rolling at the right time. Yahoo! Sports >>

The greatest video from yesterday, without question: Martell Webster dunks when a three could tie the game with seconds left. Ball Don't Lie >>

"At 20, despondent over a failed love affair, resolved to kill himself by letting a jaguar attack him." The story behind one of the greatest obituaries of all-time. Jim Romenesko >>

Dave Chappelle stopped by the Warriors' locker room last night, and like we assume all Chappelle appearances must be, it was pretty entertaining. Inside The Warriors >>

What do you do if you've been one of the most successful players of your era, and are rewarding yourself with a custom built dream home? If you're Thierry Henry, you add a four-story fish tank. Dirty Tackle >>

"Crashing Into A Mountain During a Wingsuit Dive Sure Looks Painful." Seems like sufficient explanation. Just watch. Gizmodo >>

Freaking brilliant idea: Erik Malinowski digs up the famous "Homer and the Bat" episode of The Simpsons on its 20th anniversary, and writes a little ode. Deadspin >>

Really cool piece by Holly Cain on how to pick a NASCAR driver to follow this season. Fox Sports >>

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Top Tweets
1) "Bobby V said Aviles has the "DNA of a shortstop." This is his calf muscle. He also has the DNA of The Incredible Hulk." [Click through for photo.] Craig Calcaterra, NBC Sports

2) "'If BCS ran Apple: Concern that iPhone4 will be so popular we'll have to make an iPhone5" Dan Wetzel, Yahoo! Sports

3) "Serious question: is it ever fun to be an Iowa fan? The only possible emotions seem to be quiet anticipation of failure or sadness rage." Celebrity Hot Tub

AM Video Round-up: Soccer fans pelt players with snowball barrage

Conan's soul food adventure is pretty amusing

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