The Monday Lineup is here to kick off the week, and there's plenty out there to keep you occupied, while you recover from a second straight weekend with a Jeremy Lin hangover. Even the people at Mardi Gras are impressed with the excessiveness of Linsanity.

Must Reads Of The Day
Rumors of Butler's demise may have been greatly exaggerated. Pat Forde talks to the Bulldogs, and makes it clear: they aren't dead yet, and another storm may be coming. Yahoo! Sports >>

Incredible story about a Jewish hockey player on the German national team. All the conflicting emotions you'd expect, and a journey you won't forget. New York Times >>

On the eve of her first full season in NASCAR, Danica Patrick talks about her critics and her future. Dan Wetzel guides us through the turns. Yahoo! Sports >>

Wunderkind is a tough label to shake when things go bad. Gabriele Marcotti surveys the scene as things have gone very bad for Chelsea FC manager Andre Villas-Boas. WSJ >>

In "don't let the door hit you" news, the Yankees highlighted A.J. Burnett's wild pitches in the press release announcing his being traded to Pittsburgh. The Big Lead >>

To commemorate the launch of the third season of 'Eastbound and Down,' a feature on the program and the unlikely rise of its star, Danny McBride. Rolling Stone >>

"This had nothing to do with me trying to be cute or punny." The ESPN editor fired over slur in Jeremy Lin story speaks. NY Daily News >>

The Infinite Card Set: a pretty freaking cool baseball art site. No joke. Infinite Card Set >>

Really cool: Sam Fuld with a player's perspective on what happened last year on the crazy final night of the season, as Boston collapsed and the Rays triumphed. Grantland >>

The Washington Wizards' Nick Young crashed a wedding this weekend, adding more hilarity to the team's current place in the universe. SportsGrid >>

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Top Tweets From Yesterday
1) "Forget Linsanity. I've got a case of Novakilitis! (Note: Trademark application has been filed. Back off.)" Steve Politi, The New Jersey Star Ledger

2) "'I'm gonna miss that skeezy little soul patch.' - Raúl Ibañez" Arkansas Fred

3) "First "best shape of my life" spring quote came this morning from Chris Davis. So, if you had him in your office pool, you win." Brittany Ghiroli, Orioles Beat Writer

AM Video Round-up: A little late, but Jan viral highlights worth it [Language NSFW]

Cyclist gets revenge on motorist

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