Lots of people talk about how great Tom Brady's numbers are. Just look at his completion percentage, his touchdown-to-interception ratio, his yards passing ...

No, not those numbers. We're talking about his actual numbers. His jersey number. His birthdate. According to Beverly Hills celebrity numerologist Tania Gabrielle, those are the numbers that will really matter on Super Bowl Sunday. And for Tom Terrific, they likely add up to victory.

Gabrielle -- who is also an Astro-Numerologist and Composer -- uses the meanings of names, dates and cycles to help decipher if the numbers will equal success. For the purpose of our story, she analyzed everything about Brady and New York Giants quarterback Eli Manning to determine which player will have the edge when they take the field in Indianapolis. And as if Brady doesn’t have enough things going for him, now it seems the number 12 could equal 4 -- as in his fourth ring.

Start with the date of the game: 02/05/2012. If you add up those individual numbers, you get 12. How about Brady's jersey number? 12. The number of seasons he's played in the NFL? 12. And one of his favorite receivers, Deion Branch? The numbers on his jersey, 8 and 4, add up to 12. And for good measure, the combined Super Bowl appearances for the Patriots (7) and Giants (5) equals, well, you get the idea.

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Gabrielle says that there are plenty of other numbers during the game that can tell her how the outcome will go: The time of the kickoff, time on the clock when a score occurs, and the score at the end of each quarter all contribute to an outcome.

But Gabrielle doesn't support gambling on the numbers because she says sports is very unpredictable. So she will never definitively tell you who will win. In other words, don't put all your eggs in Tom Brady's basket. But keep in mind the number of eggs in a grocery store container is ... one more than 11.

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