So much happens online that unless you spend your whole day surfing the web, most of it falls through the cracks. That's especially true for Twitter, where you'd need to follow every athlete and stare at your feed constantly not to miss anything. That's where Social Media Menu comes in with all the best tweets that bridge food and sports. Think of this as one epic RT. This week's dispatches include oysters, chocolate and extra onions.

-- Steelers RB Rashard Mendenhall won’t be following in Arian Foster's footsteps
@R_Mendenhall: "I heard @ArianFoster has become a vegan.. I just had a mean burrito. #goodluckbruh"

-- Giants rookie WR Rueben Randle heads into a food coma
@RuebenRandle: "Jus gave me the itis"

-- Saints OT Jermon Bushrod is apparently a fan of Food Network
@J_bushrod7475: "This show restaurant IMPOSSIBLE kinda makes me not wanna eat out anymore"

-- Steelers LB James Harrison has a restaurant tip for sushi lovers
@jharrison9292: "Just finished eating at the best spot in south side.... Nakama"

-- Chargers LB Takeo Spikes is hopefully joking about this pre-dentist lunch
@TakeoSpikes51: "On the way to the dentist & just ate a big sandwich w/everything on it & extra onions. I'm sure he's gonna appreciate this. Lmao"

-- 49ers LB Patrick Willis has to reign in his sweet tooth
@PatrickWillis52: "If I could, I would eat like 500 of these but I can't. Only a couple ughhhhhh The body!!!"

-- Saints QB Drew Brees gave out some sandwiches to fans after signing his new contract
@DrewBrees: "Who wants to join me for a celebratory #9 at Jimmy Johns at 4301Veterans Blvd? See you there"

-- Sounds like Patriots WR Donte' Stallworth needs to find a new restaurant
@DonteStallworth: "This calamari is TERRIBLE!!!!"

-- We're not sure what Raiders RB Darren McFadden means
@dmcfadden20: "It's hot as cheese out here(@tyvonbranch voice)"

-- Patriots WR Wes Welker takes a Twitter poll for dinner
@WesWelker: "Very productive day. Time to eat a good healthy dinner. Italian or Sushi?"

-- Saints OT Jermon Bushrod loves his oysters
@J_bushrod7475: "It just went down... #dragos #nola #whodat"

-- Bucs rookie RB Doug Martin shows off his dinner
@DougMartin22: "Chinese, yeaa buddy!"

-- Jets WR Santonio Holmes has some suggestions for a fast food giant
@Santonio10: "#McDonald's should make egg whites. #imjustsaying"
@Santonio10: "Sausage,egg white, n cheese mcmuffin."

-- Giants rookie WR Rueben Randle has a fast food menu suggestion of his own
@RuebenRandle: "Popeyes need to put this on the menu"

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