So much happens online that unless you spend your whole day surfing the web, most of it falls through the cracks. That's especially true for Twitter, where you'd need to follow every athlete and stare at your feed constantly not to miss anything. That's where Social Media Menu comes in with all the best tweets that bridge food and sports. Think of this as one epic RT.

-- Lakers small forward Metta World Peace loves his cooking shows
@MettaWorldPeace: "Turn to the food network channel.. U will find ur exclusive on the blockbuster trade there.. The dumbest trade ever ...‬‬"
@MettaWorldPeace: "Some idiot traded turkey for pork .. I would never do that. That's absurd. It's ludacris.. Keep the damn turkey man.. At least pick the tofu"

-- Giants rookie WR Rueben Randle posts a pic of a favorite pizza joint
@RuebenRandle: "If u from north La, u kno what time it is"

-- Packers TE Jermichael Finley tweets his plan for the day
@JermichaelF88: "Good morning!! Starting my day with a great protein filled breakfast then headed to Pilates. Might hit the Fox River later!"

-- ARAMARK Sports has a great idea
@ARAMARKsports: "With the @Pirates in action & #NationalHotDogMonth in full swing, treat yourself to a Reuben Dog w/ Swiss, kraut & Thou. Island at PNC Park"

-- 49ers LB Patrick Willis shows was a professional athlete should eat
@PatrickWillis52: "My lunch today. Trying to get my body prepared for what's coming ahead but not trying to peak to soon."

-- Jaguars rookie WR Justin Blackmon needs a better breakfast
@JustBlack81: "Debating whether I should drink another red bull or not would make it da 3rd one this morning lol"

-- Falcons QB Matt Ryan knows how to enjoy the offseason
@M_Ryan02: "Love the salty Maine oysters"

-- Packers WR Greg Jennings takes a poll about the annual July 4th hot dog eating contest
@GregJennings: "Who do you got in the @espn Nathan's Hot Dog contest tomorrow? @joeyjaws looks like the favorite to me"

-- But Jennings' teammate isn't a fan
@JermichaelF88: "Why do they have a HotDog Eating Contest on ESPN. Killing Me!"

-- Giants rookie WR Rueben Randle wants to crash the Fourth of July
@RuebenRandle: "Who's firing up the grill in BR & wants to invite me?"

-- So does Chargers LB Shaun Phillips
@Shaun Phillips95: "Who's having a cookout in the OC I can crash with my boys."

-- Texans RB Arian Foster finally makes the switch he's been talking about
@ArianFoster: "Officially a vegan now. We'll see how this goes. But week one down. So far, so good. Feels wonderful."
@ArianFoster: "I've never had a glass of milk in my life. I hate the taste."

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