So much happens online that unless you spend your whole day surfing the web, most of it falls through the cracks. That's especially true for Twitter, where you'd need to follow every athlete and stare at your feed constantly not to miss anything. That's where Social Media Menu comes in with all the best tweets that bridge food and sports. Think of this as one epic RT. This week's dispatches include cereal, sushi and insects:

-- Saints QB Drew Brees puts his John Hancock in a very unusual place
@DrewBrees: "This was a first... autographing a Jimmy John's sub! Keep'em coming"

-- Olympic gold medal swimmer Garrett Weber-Gale feasts on insects in London
@GWeberGale: "Live ants I ate this morning for Taste of Noma. Taste like lemongrass."

-- Lions head coach Jim Schwartz has a weakness for pastries
@jschwartzlions: "Add the Hungarian Strudel Shop in Allen Park to the list of hyped places that lived up to its billing. I will be 10 lbs heavier soon."

-- Jets QB Mark Sanchez gives a shout out to pizza joint near training camp
@Mark_Sanchez:"Thanks to the crew at Pudgie's Pizza here in Cortland!!"

-- Former NBA star Charles Oakley whips up a fancy meal to start the day
@CharlesOakley34: "Breakfast time at OAK34 HOUSE"

-- Reds second baseman Brandon Phillips eats well on the road
@DatDudeBP: "#BPFoodNetwork… Dinner @RAsushi in #Houston was #DELICIOUS like always! Table was covered up w/ nothing but SUSHI, SUSHI, & MORE SUSHI"

-- Giants rookie RB David Wilson is apparently still a kid at heart
@4stillRunning: "Caught eating my fav cereal haha"

-- Falcons TE Tony Gonzalez has a tasty summer suggestion for lunch
@TonyGonzalez88: " Try getting your lunch today from a farmers' market, local farm or your own garden. It will help your body and your pocket."

-- Magic guard J.J. Redick has a taste for the finer things in life
@JJRedick: "Suckling pig. Amazing."

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