The Fenway Frank and Dodger Dog need to make some room because there is a new champion coming this season.

The "Champion Dog" at Rangers Ballpark measures nearly two feet long and weighs a pound, before any toppings are added. The all-beef frank includes a mountain of shredded cheese, chili and sautéed onions. The meal comes with a pile of fries and is designed for four people. At $26, it has a price tag to match too.

Shawn Mattox, Sportservice general manager, which handles concessions for the park, was looking for an item that had the "wow" factor.

"We just thought a one-pound hot dog would be a fun thing to do, more so for the look," he said. "Hopefully people will enjoy it. Everything is bigger in Texas, including the hot dogs!"

This isn't the first over-sized food ploy by the Rangers to try to get fans attention. Last year they offered a three-pound pretzel. This year, they're setting their sights on the one item synonymous with watching a baseball game. Hot dogs are the No. 1 seller at MLB stadiums and more than 25 million are consumed at games each year.

The question is whether fans will pay roughly four times the cost of an average frank for this behemoth. To help seal the deal, the Champion Dog will be served on a 2-foot-long cutting board when ordered at the Captain Morgan sports bar. Wheatley and company are hoping that the presentation will help draw in more customers. The hot dog will also be served at a regular concession stand in the park.

This isn't the first time a baseball team has made news with a decadent dog. Last summer the Brockton Rox offered an $80 frank that was as fancy as most four-star restaurants. The foot-long weiner was rolled in truffle oil, coated in porcini dust, then topped with white truffle shavings and crème fraiche. It was finished off with caviar and fresh roe.

Many baseball fans were in an uproar about the price, but also the toppings. Since the Champion is just a giant chili-cheese dog, it will probably get a much warmer welcome. Just like the two-time A.L. champion Texas Rangers when they take the field in April.

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