They say breakfast is the most important meal of the day. Well, after more than 5,200 calories and 230 grams of fat, breakfast was a couple of days worth of meals for Meredith Boxberger.

The Deep Fried Diva, as she calls herself, helped out a local radio station in her hometown of Barrie, Ontario, on Tuesday morning. They were celebrating 100 years of the Oreo cookie. So the budding competitive eater ate 100 of them in 10 minutes, washed down with quite a bit of skim milk.

"I obviously did not turn down the opportunity to eat cookies for breakfast and I figured I would shoot for 100 because of the 100th anniversary!" Boxberger says.

Having never seen that many cookies in a pile, the challenge looked a little daunting once laid out in front of her. Boxberger estimated that she'd need to eat each cookie in about six seconds. Close to the end, it was looking a little hairy.

"When I got to about the 80th cookie and had about two minutes left, I didn't know if I was going to manage to get it done," she says, "but I kicked it into high gear and finished them all within the 10 minute mark."

The interesting thing is that Boxberger never set out to be a competitive eater. Her first foray into that world came while crossing No. 3 off her bucket list: Enter an Eating Competition. Boxberger downed 5.25 medium pizzas in just 12 minutes to finish third. The winner that day was none
other than Takeru Kobayashi. Talk about jumping in with both feet.

Since then, the Deep Fried Diva has accomplished some incredible feats. She's competed against some of Major League Eating's best, coming in fourth at the Poutine Eating Championships in Toronto behind Pat Bertoletti and Bob Shoudt. She's most proud of the insane burger challenges she's beaten though. Boxberger became the first woman and only ninth person in 3,000 attempts to take down the 7.5-pound Kookamonga Challenge at Kooky Kanuck in Memphis, Tenn.

She's also devoured the Ultimate Dirty Burger at Big Chris' BBQ in her hometown.

"This monster burger was a 7.5-pound creation packed with six prime rib patties, bacon, cheese, poutine, two pounds of pulled pork and a bun," Boxberger said. "No one had ever come close to completing the challenge until I finished it in 59:45, just under the hour time limit."

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Next up for Boxberger is the Deep Fried Asparagus competition in Stockton, Calif., at the end of April. If her nickname is any indication, this should be a breeze. The Deep Fried Diva hopes to one day be a part of MLE and wants to qualify for the Nathan's Hot Dog Eating Contest held on July 4th.

First, she's got some Oreos to work off.

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