Astro, the dog of Rays pitcher David Price, has become quite a celebrity.

The Rays held an Astro Bobblehead Day in April, and he has had his own Twitter account @Astro_DPsDog for more than two years.

When the Rays made their first visit to Dodger Stadium on Friday, the home team had a special gift waiting for Astro:

Now from a cynical perspective, you could accuse the Dodgers of trying to get a leg up on wooing Price when he becomes a free agent in three years. (Is it really tampering if you're just being sweet to a man's pet? Hard to prove motive.) But there is some history behind the gift basket. Last month, Price cracked on Twitter about the Dodgers trading Yasiel Puig to the Rays. The Dodgers played along with the joke:

No word on whether Astro made the trek to Chavez Ravine, but the Dodgers were prepared.

And in case you missed it, here was Price and Astro celebrating the bobblehead promotion: