When a Chinese college student stopped to feed a stray mutt during a long-distance bike ride in Sichuan province, she probably thought she'd never see him. But we all know what happens when you feed a stray animal -- you make a friend for life.

After the energizing snack, the pup was ready to join the ride. Bearing a slight resemblance to Benji, the little white dog followed -- and sometimes even led -- the cyclists on their more than 20-day ride, covering more than 1,000 miles and some challenging mountains. The cyclists named him "Xiaosa" or "Little Sa," and one even started a blog to chronicle its journey, amassing 40,000 followers.

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Perhaps the best news? The dog's days of homelessness are over. According to CBS, one of the cyclists plans to adopt Little Sa. Hopefully his new home comes with a protein shake and an ice pack.

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