The 5th Quarter

Jimmy O. Yang, Blake Griffin

Blake Griffin once did a standup bit at The Laugh Factory in Hollywood, and we have two new examples of how he is continuing to hone his comedic skills.

On Facebook, Griffin posted a video in which he needles the people of Los Angeles for what they often say (or at least what they are often perceived as saying). Among the highlights:

-- Is it pronounced a-kai or a-sigh-ee?
-- Kombucha on tap? Yea that's my sh*t.
-- Do you have almond milk? Rice milk? Coconut milk? Soy milk? You guys have to have hemp milk.

Griffin will also star in an episode of The 5th Quarter, produced by OBB Pictures, on Verizon's go90. The series features a mix of athletes and entertainers collaborating in mockumentary fashion. In the opener of the show's second season, Griffin is cast in a story about the "fiercest rivalry the sport of men's race-walking has ever seen." Jimmy O. Yang of Silicon Valley portrays Griffin's nemesis. Here are some cuts from the upcoming season.

The new season launches November 30 with three episodes. Additional episodes will be released December 10 and December 17, with the following season scheduled to begin early next year.