The second half of the 2000s featured an athletic stretch those in Gainesville will never forget. The Florida Gators won national championships in football (2006, 2008) and basketball (2006, 2007). But along with Al Horford, Joakim Noah, Corey Brewer, Tim Tebow and Percy Harvin, there was another budding superstar in town at the time.

Billy Horschel attended Florida from 2005-2009, recording four All-American seasons and winning two SEC Player of the Year honors.

Horschel, 31, has five PGA Tour wins and a FedEx Cup crown. But back in his college days, he was just a Gators fan spending Saturdays at "The Swamp."

"The majority of the time, we usually had qualifying in the morning," Horschel remembers. "So we had 7 a.m. qualifying, we were done by 10:30/11, then next thing you know, it was off to the tailgate. We were tailgating at one of our teammates' houses or apartments before the game and then, I'm not fond to say this, but we raced scooters to the game. We probably broke a ton of traffic laws riding up on sidewalks, running red lights and everything and then we were cheering on the Florida Gators to victory."

Those Gators football team were rich in talent, but of course, Horschel's favorite player was the star: Tim Tebow. The two have maintained a relationship, as they live near each other in the Jacksonville area.

"He's been a great friend of mine," Horschel says. "Actually, my wife knew him. They were friends when they went to high school, back in Jacksonville, at Nease High School. She's known him longer than I have. But he's a great friend. He actually texted me after I won [the Zurich Classic]. I follow him and his baseball career. He's there for me whenever I need him and he knows I'm there for him whenever he needs my help, whether it's with his foundation or anything else. It's been a great friendship and we're big supporters of each other."

As he often does, Horschel attended the Tim Tebow Foundation Celebrity Golf Classic in March at TPC Sawgrass.

Horschel spoke to ThePostGame on behalf of Ralph Lauren during a recent promotional event for his RLX signature collection. The new line comes out July 15.

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