'Big Show' Challenges Shaq

Basketball legend Shaquille O'Neal is a man of his word, and he let the nation know it on the red carpet before the beginning of Wednesday's ESPYs.

Back in April, the 15-time NBA All-Star stunned all in attendance at WrestleMania 32 with an impromptu appearance during the Battle Royale event. It took approximately a second after entering the ring for O'Neal to engage in a stare-down with seven-time WWE heavyweight champion Paul Wight Jr., better known to most as simply Big Show.

Ultimately, the two did team up to perform a double-choke slam on fellow opponent Kane, but they were each eliminated soon afterwards, leaving leaving Shaq to challenge Big Show to a one-on-one matchup at the event's conclusion.

Sure enough, the two giants encountered one another outside Microsoft Theater before the ESPYs – and as this video posted by WWE's YouTube account shows, the dream matchup is close to becoming reality:

"Man, I don't have much time left, might as well have fun with you," 'Big Show' told O'Neal. "As long as you're cooking afterwards; you gotta feed me."

"Vince McMahon, Shane McMahon, I'm in," Shaq responded. "Let's do it."

If Shaq's previous performance is any indication, wrestling fans will be in for quite a treat at WrestleMania 33, set to take place next April in Orlando. Big Show, the WrestleMania 31 Battle Royale champion listed at seven feet and 441 pounds by WWE, would have to be considered the favorite based on pedigree, but the 7-foot-1, 325 pound O'Neal certainly wouldn't be an easy out for anyone.

On behalf of sports fans everywhere, if this battle of the giants does get underway, WrestleMania 33 can't come soon enough.

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