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Beer-Carrying World Record

Can you carry a one-liter mug full of beer for 40 meters? Maybe two or three mugs with only minimal spillage? Well, once you gain the strength, balance and proficiency to handle about two dozen, you might be ready to challenge Oliver Strumpfel's beer-carrying world record.

Strumpfel successfully toted 29 mugs across 40 meters to break his own record Sunday in Bavaria. Each mug wears nearly 3 pounds -- before beer is poured into it. The 29 beer-filled mugs weighed almost 154 pounds.

Did we mention that you're not allowed to use a tray?

Strumpfel, a 45-year-old German tax inspector, carried 21 mugs in 2010 to become the new record holder, according to The Guardian. He improved the mark to 25 in 2014. Then he pulled off 27 in his first attempt Sunday.

In his second try, Strumpfel started with 31. But he dropped one mug near the end and another lost more than 10 percent of the beer, which disqualifies it, so he had to settle for 29 being the new record.

No word on how many of those Strumpfel drank to celebrate.