Stephen Curry, Barack Obama

Stephen Curry is unfazed by All-Star defenders contesting his jump shot, but he says the president knows how to rattle him on the golf course.

Appearing with Michelle Obama on Tuesday's The Ellen DeGeneres Show, Curry shared some insight from having played golf a handful of times with Barack Obama

DeGeneres asked Curry who the better golfer is between the two. Curry gently explained that although he is considerably better than Obama (Dell Curry thinks Steph could play on the PGA Tour if he practiced more), the president still has his number.

"I'm a better golfer, but obviously in golf, you play with a handicap, so everything's very fair," Curry began. "The last two times I've played I've lost to him."

DeGeneres than pressed Curry for their handicaps. Curry became expressionless.

"I was told not to disclose that information on our president's handicap," Curry said. "That's top secret. I'm acting like Secret Service here."

"I don't know what it is," Michelle added.

"[I] didn't have my A-game when I played him, both times," Curry said.

Then Michelle brought up Barack's notable trash talking, and Curry affirmed her point.

"During his speeches, he has that very slow cadence that kind of draws you in," Curry said. "He brings that same kind of vibe to his trash talk. So, I'll hit a shot out of bounds, and he'll just look, 'Yeah, that's not a good shot. I'm gonna need you to do better next time.' So it gets under your skin too. It's like, 'I know. I hit it out of bounds.'"

Curry had previously said Obama's pockets of silence have affected his golf game.

Michelle has a solution: Curry needs to make fun of Barack's ears.

"The shadow from your ears is really messing up my putt," Michelle told Curry to say.

Curry is still skeptical. "There's 50 Secret Service out there, so if I trash talk, he just gives them the look, and then I'm out of there," Curry said.

For those concerned if Barack Obama can intimidate foreign leaders like Vladimir Putin, let Stephen Curry be a test case. The two-time reigning NBA MVP has his mind controlled by the president.

Curry and Michelle came on the show together to promote Drink Up, a collaboration between Partnership for a Healthier America, of which Michelle is the honorary chair, and stakeholders in the public and private sector.

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