Barack Obama, Sidney Crosby, Phil Kessel

Phil Kessel is a lovable fan favorite. The 29-year-old American, who bears little resemblance to an NHL player off the ice, is the butt of many hockey jokes.

When you take pictures like this, you are kind of asking to be a meme.

Barack Obama gets the joke. Kessel, a three-time NHL All-Star, won his first Stanley Cup in his first season with the Penguins in 2015-16, leading the team in postseason scoring with 22 points. On Thursday, the Penguins brought the Cup to the White House, catching Obama before he leaves office.

And the president was on his game.

"We are here to celebrate an extraordinary achievement: Phil Kessel is a Stanley Cup champion," Obama says.

Kessel is also champion Twitter troll. After helping the U.S. win silver at the 2010 Olympics and being the Olympics' co-leading scorer in 2014, Kessel was left off the 2016 World Cup of Hockey roster. When the U.S. was eliminated after just two games in the group stage, Kessel dropped this bombshell tweet:

Kessel's sister, Amanda, also represented Team USA at the 2014 Olympics.

At the White House on Thursday, Kessel was full of patriotic pride.

In his full speech, Obama referenced the Penguins' 2009 trip to the White House. Everyone looked a lot younger back then, including Obama and Sidney Crosby. Obama mentioned how his hair color has gone from resembling a puck then to the ice now.

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