Aly Raisman

Who knew the way to Aly Raisman's heart was so straightforward? But the gamble is paying off big for an Oakland Raiders player who put himself out there -- and was rewarded for his efforts.

In an interview with Yahoo Sports, Raisman discussed some of the qualities she looks for in a guy, and noted that she thinks she has a lot in common with athletes. At the end of the segment, she was handed a mobile device that played a video of Raiders tight end Colton Underwood, who made his pitch for a date with Raisman.

There was a small catch: It would be a double-date with Raiders teammate Andrew East and his wife, former Olympic gymnast Shawn Johnson.

Raisman watched the video and smiled, then said, "He's very cute." She also says she knows who he is, although they haven't met each other before. Maybe Shawn has been greasing the wheel for Colton for some time.

But there's good news for Colton: Raisman said she would go out with him, and it didn't seem like she had to think it over. After that interview, they had a promising exchange on Twitter:

They're totally going to make a million babies together.

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