Alistair Brownlee, Jonathan Brownlee

British brothers Alistair and Jonathan Brownlee owned the Olympic triathlon last month. Alistair, 28, won gold and Jonathan, 26, took silver in Rio. It was a step up from their 2012 finish in London, with Alistair also winning gold, but Jonathan taking bronze.

But arguably the Brownlees' most impressive finish came Sunday. And neither brother won.

As Jonathan led the ITU World Triathlon Grand Final Cozumel near the finish, he began to stumble and veer off toward the crowd. Alistair saw this as he came around a turn in second place. Alistair put his younger brother's arm around his shoulder, and the two ran the rest of the way together.

South Africa's Henri Schoeman, the bronze medalist in Rio, sped past to Brownlees for first place. The brothers took second and third, with Alistair pushing Jonathan across the line before him, giving Jonathan the silver.

"I swore, literally, if it happened to anyone, I would have helped them to cross the line," Alistair said after the race.

Maybe. But it is extra sweet seeing such brotherly love at the end of a competitive race.

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